Youth is the future of society

Youth is the future of society

François Caron, M network’s mentor for many years, did not hesitate a single second when we offered him to share his entrepreneurial experience in school environments.
He was already deeply involved in school drop-out and reorientation, through the company he has long headed: Cyclo Chrome Inc.

In seven years, Cyclo Chrome Inc. has trained nearly 200 young people from 17 high schools and identified as dropout candidates. Moreover, all employees of his company also have the opportunity to finish high school in parallel with their work, because the priority of life of François Caron is to allow to mix youth, education and entrepreneurship.

He had only one step to go to join the team of mentors Network M accredited ” Entreprendre ça branche? “.

Entreprendre conferences, what do you do ?, presented by Hydro Quebec , demystify youth entrepreneurship in order to create the spark that will make them realize that the entrepreneurial adventure is accessible to everyone!

Leaving the usual pedagogical framework, Network M mentoring entrepreneurs share their experience and passion. Faced with concrete pieces of life, told without taboo, young people understand more easily that entrepreneurship is not a question of age or social or academic level, but of will and passion.

We met François Caron to deliver the secrets of his experience as a speaker for Entreprendre ça branche?
His winning recipe: ” I work a lot upstream of conferences with professors to better adapt to the program and their progress. On the spot, it is necessary to remain in the listening of the students, they have things to say! “.

His message to students: “You have to take pleasure. There are sometimes ups and downs in entrepreneurship, but the important thing is to have fun and be proud of what you do. “
His values ​​to convey: “A day where you have learned nothing is a day of lost! “.
His vision of the future: “All young people have a real societal conscience. It’s very encouraging for the future, because youth is the future of society! “
His most beautiful moments: “When young people ask me at the end of the conference with sparkling eyes! My mission is successful. “
About Entreprendre Conferences, do you care?
The Entreprendre Conferences , do you care? are free and available to educational institutions in most regions of Quebec. They are presented by experienced and dynamic entrepreneurs, mentors trained and accredited by Réseau M, like Rosaire Quévillon .

Since the beginning of the project, 4,500 students have attended the Entreprendre ça te branche? in Quebec schools.

Do you do business? is an initiative presented by Hydro Quebec, supported by Cogecoand the Secrétariat à la jeunesse as partners, as well as by Academos, the Association of Student Entrepreneurs Clubs of Quebec (ACEE), OSEntreprendre and the Réseau des Carrefours jeunesse emploi of Quebec (RCJEQ) as collaborators.

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