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They (they) did not make the headlines, they (they) did not write their biography, they (they) never appear on panels of experts in entrepreneurship. They (they) never won an entrepreneurship contest and probably will not win either. It’s simple, we hardly ever talk about them.

Yet they (they) play a leading role in our economy. These quiet forces evolve in the shadow of the great leaders, they (they) are their life partners: they are joint or conjoined entrepreneur (e).

Whether they are employed in their spouse’s business, in their own careers, or in their family, these people whom I have the pleasure of discovering are extraordinary and often so humble. There is no doubt that our Quebec businesses, indirectly, owe them a lot.

To share one’s life with an entrepreneur is to live entrepreneurship every day and in all its forms. Although far from the operational business, the entrepreneur spouse is always close to the operational heart. Would the success of their partner have been the same without them?

Living with an entrepreneur means living entrepreneurial life without a break

On vacation, the corporate vision is redesigned.
During family reunions, inheritance issues are discussed.
In playtime with children, their negotiating skills are questioned. We must think of giving them the best tools for their future.
In a meeting with friends, the business world is redesigned.
On the way back, why not make a detour to the office? …
And what about all those nights that bring advice about the thousand and some concerns.
Entrepreneurship is exciting! And it’s 24 hours a day.

I meet these men and women whose personality is remarkable. On the other hand, sometimes living outside the job market, some are full of doubts about their real professional abilities. These questions often grow when children leave home. It is understandable that it is difficult for the kings and queens of the home to be at a time when ambition is so much valued. Have I lacked ambition? What would be my value in the job market? These questions come all the more with a certain vertigo, because nowadays, couples are formed and deformed. What if I had to start all over again? What would I be? Have I missed my life?

Your value is invaluable

I am speaking to you. I admire you.

On the one hand, sharing one’s life with a committed, busy, stubborn leader, at the center of everything, is a great gift of self. It is a great human quality to devote oneself to one’s family, to one’s home, to others.

On the other hand, you have indirectly developed a unique understanding of the business world. You have a vision that no business advisor can match: a vision from the inside out. From the heart to the world. It belongs to you and it’s part of your toolbox.

Finally, you accompany leaders, strong personalities. There is no question, you are of this caliber of leadership. You have chosen to express yourself as a leader in a more personal way, away from projectors and business networks. This does not take away your achievements in terms of leadership, on the contrary.

Your impact is considerable

Let’s take the example of the very current issue of business succession. At the forefront of questions, the identification of successors, the search for equity for children, emotional conflicts, games of family corridors, meetings to organize, you are the catalyst for happy outcomes of these transfers of direction and property, to your children. Most of the time, no one has trained you for all of this. Your heart guides you.

Manager of the family harmony and protector of your brothers-in-law, step-sisters, step-parents and especially your children, you affirm your leadership in the family through your love for your loved ones and by this deep belief that you are responsible for harmony. What pressure you have! 

Love, balance, rest, health, peace and harmony are at the heart of your daily mission. Did you know that there is a direct link between healthy chefs and successful businesses?

Thanks to your dedication, your business leader has the opportunity to recharge his batteries and regain his strength to change the world. It changes the world through the values ​​you cherish and pass on to your family. And what about all these requests for social involvement that we address to you because “you have time”! How many times have you thought of all your loved ones before thinking of yourself?  

The next time you doubt the role you play, think about all that. You also contribute to Quebec’s economy, the health of its businesses, the balance of its leaders, society and family harmony. Who said ambition should be recognized exclusively outside the home? In your way, you are entrepreneurs of the heart.

In conclusion, I wish you three things:

Give value to what you do on a daily basis
Never doubt that you have played the biggest role of your life, an impact on our economy, on hundreds of families, especially yours;
Keep your head high, because the greatest ambition has always guided you: that of love and harmony.

To all business leaders, take the phone as soon as possible and say ‘thank you for being here, my love’!

And if you need to chat to better understand your spouse, contact us!


This article is courtesy of Nathaly Riverin, founder of  Rouge Canari.


The source: Reseau M

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